7 Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer

Choosing a newborn photographer that you can rely upon to create a comfortable and memorable
experience for you and your baby can seem like a tough task if you don’t know what to ask potential
photographers. At Staci Brennan Photography, we frequently hear of parents who chose the wrong
photographer and ended up with subpar images and/or an unpleasant experience.

To guide you in choosing the right newborn photographer, here are 7 questions Staci Brennan
Photography recommends you ask your newborn photographer before signing a contract:

  1. What is your background in newborn photography? A photographer may have years of
    experience in professional photography, but lack the necessary experience in photographing newborns.
  2. Have you taken any training courses or studied under an experienced newborn photographer ?
    A newborn photographer should have the proper training in safely posing and gently handling
    newborns by way of hands-on training and, ideally, from a newborn photography internship at
    which they received supervision to perfect their technique.
  3. What is your approach to newborn photography ? Some photographers prefer natural images
    with a shorter session time and little image retouching, while others strive to create images
    tailored to your preferences and schedule 3-4 hours in session time to get the perfect shots.
  4. Do you have client references that I can contact ? Newborn photographers recognize that they
    must earn trust from the new parents in order to photograph their baby at this delicate time
    in life and do so by having an updated contact list of recent clients on-hand to provide to
    prospective clients.
  5. Do you provide props? Ask newborn photographer if they provide hats, headbands, blankets, wraps,
    blankets, crates, and other props. View their gallery to get a feel of there style and use of props.
  6. Do you have a studio or travel to our home? Professional newborn photography can been done in
    a studio of in the convince of your home. Both option can have high quality results.
  7. Do you have insurance/ Contract? A professional newborn photographer must have liability insurance
    to protect your child. As with any contract you sign, you must read the fine print.

To begin the process of understanding your contractual obligations, ask about the
photographer’s cancellation policy.

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