Photoshoot for Newborn Babies

During that first month of your baby’s life, it’s easy to be in awe of the staggering speed in which they grow you can almost see it from one day to the next! It’s a natural desire for many parents to want a photo session to preserve these memories. Of course, at such tender an age, babies are rarely ready to be taken out in public, and their sleep schedules can be disrupted by the strange scents and noises of a photographer’s studio. It takes a special kind of artist to be able to bring the best angles out of this special time of your lives.

photoshoot for newborn babies nyc

The Talent and Tenderness You Need for Your Baby’s Photo Shoot

Staci Brennan is a New York-trained specialist in baby and newborn photography. She has spent years honing her skills at baby photography, cultivating a soft style and an impeccably mellow manner ”exactly what you need for your little one to show his or her most angelic face. Typically, she’ll come to you for the session serving the entire trip-state area and devote three hours waiting patiently for the best moment to capture both mother and child. Don’t lose the opportunity to preserve your angel’s first few days with heirloom-quality photographs

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Adorable Pictures of Babies: Browse examples of newborn photos taken in NYC recently and newly added pictures from recent professional photography sessions.