Can I Take My Own Newborn Pictures?

With newborn photography in NYC being fairly new on the scene, many parents-to-be question whether professional newborn photography services are absolutely necessary when they can simply take out their camera phone or digital camera to snap some photos and order prints online. As you have most likely already seen from viewing the website gallery of Staci Brennan Photography, the undeniable reason for having your newborn professionally photographed becomes utterly clear – only a trained professional has the expertise and equipment to produce superior quality images of your newborn.

In case you are still wondering what makes professionally-taken newborn photographs preferable, here are 4 reasons from Staci Brennan Photography why you shouldn’t take your own newborn pictures:

  1. Safely posing a baby takes practice. Newborn photographers, like Staci Brennan, have a keen awareness of how to pose a baby that is both comfortable and safe for the newborn.
  2. Capturing that heirloom image demands patience and an attention to detail
    . These professionals understand that it takes time to balance and adjust the interplay of light, shadows and angles to achieve the best possible set of images.
  3. The quality of images from professional photographs will far outweigh that of even the best digital camera. Professional photographers have the equipment needed to take crisp images that can be cropped and zoomed in without affecting the image quality. Additionally, after the session is over, countless hours are spent reviewing and retouching the images with professional software that isn’t available to the average picture taker.>
  4. More than a camera is needed to create beautiful newborn photographs. Staci Brennan arrives at your home with various pieces of equipment from backdrops to props. These additional pieces of equipment are required to successfully photograph your newborn with a wreath of delicate flowers on her head or with him snoozing on a furry blanket featuring adorable teddy bear ears.

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While you can certainly take newborn pictures of your baby, your photos aren’t likely to have the expert  quality or composition that comes from hiring an experienced newborn photographer, like Staci Brennan. To discover why clients have named Staci, “The Newborn Whisperer” and to find out more about the professional photography services of Staci Brennan Photography in NYC, contact our friendly staff today by calling (917) 522-0407.