Family Photography NYC


I’ve been photographing families at every stage of their lives for more than a decade. My goal with every NYC area family photography session is to show the many faces of love for one another in children, parents, and pets. It’s a lot of fun working with families to bring out each person’s and family’s one-of-a-kind spirit.

If you’re worried your kids will be rambunctious or uncooperative and the time for the shoot too short, don’t give it another thought. In fact, that’s what my family photography is all about, keeping it natural and fun. I know the tricks to corral kids, arrange family groups, and handle the technical part of photography, even with energetic little ones all around. This comes from over 10 years experience as a NYC family photographer.

How many times have you heard, “Kids grow up too soon, so enjoy them while they’re young?” It’s true. Before you know it, they’ll be out on their own. But you’ll always have these family portraits to look back and remember this special time in your life. Family photography brings into focus the joy of childhood and family togetherness that you can look back at for decades to come.

It’s so easy with the responsibilities of being a parent to get distracted by trying to make a living and and keeping up with oodles of household chores and family responsibilities. That’s why family photography is so essential. You, your children, and someday even your grandchildren will enjoy the photos that come from your photography session. Photos will help keep your family connected to their roots. Throughout the changing seasons of your life, photos bring back fond memories of times past. That’s my goal as an  family photographer.

So don’t put off booking your family photography session. Capture this stage of your life together as a family. In the years to come, you’ll be blessed with pictures of the best times of your life.

Professional Family Photographs

I’ve been doing family photography in NYC for over a decade. I have extensive training and a wide range of equipment. Combine this with my skill as a NYC family photographer, and I’ll bring out the best of all of you during your family photography shoot.

I offer family photography sessions at your New York City home. This is especially handy for children because they feel and act more natural in their own environment. Most parents prefer this to studio portraits because it’s also more convenient to get everyone organized and present. Sessions can also be held in New York City’s Central Park.