Capturing the fleeting moments of your baby’s days as a newborn with a professional newborn photography session can reward you with treasured reminders of your wondrous start together. Yet, since the newborn phase goes by so quickly, it is imperative that you find a professional photographer who holds the experience, skills and approach required to photograph newborns or you risk missing this pivotal time of your baby’s life.

Staci Brennan, a highly experienced newborn photographer in New York City, recognizes how difficult it can be to find a reliable and respected newborn photographer. To assist you with your search, here are 3 steps from Staci Brennan Photography that explain how to find a newborn photographer:

    1. Look in your area for newborn photographers. Start searching online in your local area for newborn photographers as the session should take place in the comfort of your home. Therefore, choosing a photographer who is based in your city or the surrounding areas is preferable over one that is far away.  
    1. Make a list of potential photographers. Only add those newborn photographers to your list who have an online portfolio that is centered on newborns and those you have thoroughly researched. Additionally, the photographer’s website should have a detailed biography that outlines the photographer’s background and experience and conveys the photographer’s approach which includes gentleness, patience and a commitment to safety.  
  1. Speak with photographers you are considering. The days following your newborn’s arrival will be a time of healing and rest, so it’s wise to talkt with a photographer prior to signing a contract to be certain you “click.” If you, for whatever reason, do not feel comfortable with a photographer when interviewing him or her, you should keep looking for a professional that puts you at ease.

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Finding a newborn photographer is much easier than finding the “right” newborn photographer. There are many considerations you must take into account and questions you must ask a photographer before you move forward with a contract. If you are preparing for the arrival of your little one, contact Staci Brennan Photography in NYC by calling (917) 522-0417 to speak with Staci about her love of newborn photography, inquire about her extensive experience with capturing the precious moments of a newborn and discover why her clients affectionately call her, “The Newborn Whisperer.”