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Maternity Photography NYC

Offers You the Perfect Opportunity to Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Undoubtedly, being pregnant is one of the most exciting times in your life. During this important phase, maternity photography is the best way to capture your feelings of joy. 

Maternity photography is best done from 26 to 38 weeks. At the end of the day, the main goal is to plan the details of a relaxing, rewarding photo shoot designed to immortalize your deepest emotions when you are still comfortable.

Photos of the mom-to-be are proof that something amazing is happening inside her body. Maternity pictures make treasured keepsakes for mom, dad, and one day, your grown-up child.

As a NYC maternity photographer, I’ve been photographing expectant moms and dads for over 10 years. I realize you may not feel like modeling for the camera when your body feels like it’s bursting at the seams. That’s why I make the entire photo session as relaxed and joyful as possible. A NYC maternity photo shoot session can be held at your home, in my studio, or in Central Park.

Maternity session location

Stunning maternity photos can be taken in your home for a lifestyle session.  Intimate photos revolving around semi-clothed poses can be done in studio. On the other hand, if you’d much rather abandon your comfort zone for a hour and enjoy the warmth and beauty of serene outdoor areas, Central Park is a classic place for a superb pregnancy photography shoot in NYC. It has a lot of options in terms of settings, which range from the tranquil ponds and majestic castle to colorful, perfectly manicured gardens.

Preparing for your maternity photo shoot

Maternity photography in NYC has many locations options. It’s best to thinking about what you prefer, either outdoor or studio setting for your maternity session. I’ll work closely with you to decide what poses you want, the clothes you want to wear, and how you want to look. For your maternity photo shoot, I can provide dresses, skirts, tops, and other items for your session. Whether you’re looking for romantic, glamorous, or natural photos, we can pull it off. I have more than a decade of hands-on experience as a New York City maternity photographer.

Whatever month you’re in, I can capture the beauty of pregnancy and the magic that’s happening in your life with maternity pictures. I use both classic poses and natural looks during the session. Before the sitting, I’ll note your requests to make sure they’re accomplished. Rest assured, I’ll customize the maternity photography around your interests and preferences.

You can also have the baby’s father present as well as other family members, and even pets, too! I want you and everyone you invite to be involved in the shoot. In a gentle, relaxed, fun setting, you can focus on your baby-to-be, your love for each other, and the pure joy of the moment. I’ll document this joyful period so years from now you can look at your maternity pictures and relive the joy of this time in your life.

Maternity pictures to treasure
The artistic images I’ll create from your maternity photography shoot will make the most of your beautiful belly. As a professional photographer with extensive training and experience, I bring attention to detail to every sitting. Your photographs will reflect the deep emotions and loving connectedness you feel for your baby-to-be during your pregnancy.

Although I take photos at any stage of pregnancy, most mothers consider the period between 7 and 9 months as the ideal time. My appointment calendar is usually booked four to six weeks in advance, so be sure to book early.

What to wear

What you’re going to wear during the photo shoot is almost as important as the location itself. I personally love when soon-to-be-moms choose to wear long, romantic, elegant dresses.  Make pregnancy look amazing and also enable them to feel comfortable and stylish during the entire photo shoot. To achieve the best results, I always advise my clients to select beautiful, outfits that complement the color scheme of the session.  I recommend picking two different outfits for their photo session. Ideally, the first outfit should  monochrome pieces, such as a stylish long, feminine dress in neutral shades. I love white and blush.  The second one should create a more powerful contrast with the background and feature a unique combination of patterns and color.  Spring or Summer a light floral pattern dress.  Fall session in Central Park pick rich colors and cream .   

Parents should strive to color coordinate their attires so one person doesn’t stand out.  I provide robes, crop tops, dresses, shirts, material and other essential apparel if you need.

For those looking forward to expressing their joy and excitement during a creative photo shoot meant to put that lovely baby bump into the spotlight. Count on my skills and expertise of a talented maternity photographer with a unique vision. Let’s get to know each other, tell me your story, and I’ll help you create and store the most meaningful and emotion-rich memories about being pregnant.