Maternity Photography

Your pregnancy is a unique and personal 9-month journey.  You will experience a mixture of feelings during this time as the wonder of a new life is growing inside you.  What better time to capture the beginning of a bond with your baby so you will have it to remember forever.

Finding the right Maternity Photographer is important.  You want fresh pregnancy photography ideas and not just the same old stock poses. Staci Brennan photography is proud of the level of creativity and experience offered to create maternity photo images that are a work of art that you can have to enjoy for years to come.

Please take some time to scroll through our maternity photo session gallery for a sampling of the quality and diversity I offer in my Maternity Photography shoots.  If you want to see more examples or have specific questions, please feel free to contact me.

In addition to Pregnancy Photography, I offer Newborn, Baby Interval, and Family Photography.  I look forward to sharing a maternity photo shoot with you.

Maternity Photography by Staci Brennan Photography