Newborn Photography Safety

Newborn Photography Safety: 5 Tips for the Expecting Mother

Getting a professional newborn photos is a wonderful way to celebrate the newest addition to your family, and is something that every expectant mother considers.

Newborn photography captures the baby in a beautiful, natural state just after he or she is born and creates stunning memories that every single family will love to look back on. However, it’s important to keep your infant safe during the shoot.

Let’s take a look at some great safety tips to make sure your session goes perfectly.

4 Excellent Ways to Keep Your Child Safe during a Photo sesssion

As an mother-to-be, you’re probably wondering just how you can keep your infant safe during a photoshoot. Here are a few great tips for you.

1. Keep the Room Nice and Warm

When you take those adorable naked baby photos, the room needs to stay warm – even if you yourself may be feeling a little too warm. Very young baby have a harder time keeping in body warm, and making sure the room is temperate will help keep your little one calm, and ensure his or her circulation stays healthy. A warm child is a happy child!

2. Always Provide Head and Neck Support

Those adorable photos where the child’s head is propped up, making them look like a little cherub, are just too cute. Supporting the head is vital to ensure your infant is safe when the picture is snapped. Some suggest using a finger or hand (your hand is really the safest method). The photographer can edit your hand out in post-production.

3. Keep Something Soft Beneath the Baby

Whether you are taking photos of your infant lying down or you want to pose them hanging in a tiny hammock, having something soft beneath them is important. Consider something like a beanbag for the hammock photo, and a nice soft blanket for other poses. All these props can be edited out using image editing software.

4. Let Your Child Stay in His or Her Natural Pose

You don’t want to force your child into a pose; let them keep their organic posture throughout the whole session. This is the beauty of these kinds of photos – your infant will be captured at their most natural and vulnerable moment.

Newborn Photography is a Beautiful Way to Make Memories

If you’re looking for excellent newborn photography in NYC or Los Angeles, then I am happy to assist! Take a look at my packages and know that your child’s safety is my top priority.

Don’t hesitate to contact me and ask any questions you may have before setting up a session.