What to Look for in a Newborn Photographer

Photographers love capturing stills of life’s beautiful moments, special occasions and various stages of the human life. However, not all photographers specialize in working with children and babies and not all photographers that specialize in children and babies work with newborns. In addition to having experience in newborn photography and client references, a newborn photographer should have a finely-tuned skill set and gentle demeanor that are conducive to working with newborns.

At Staci Brennan Photography in NYC, we understand that the first several days of a baby’s
arrival at home is the best time to snap these pure images that will be cherished for a lifetime, which
is why we offer these 4 tips in what to look for in a newborn photographer to ensure your experience and the images you receive exceed your expectations:

  1. Proven training and experience : A lack of training and experience can lead to uncomfortable
    and unsafe situations that can result in distressing and possibly injuring your newborn. Your
    photographer should have completed professional training seminars or workshops centered
    on working with newborns and/or worked under an established newborn photographer. He or
    she should also be able to supply you with verifiable experience of working with newborns, so
    you can feel at ease knowing your baby will be safely posed and properly handled.
  2. Client references : Before handing over a deposit, ask for references and contact these former
    clients to gauge whether a particular photographer is right for you and your newborn baby.
  3. Honed skill set : A newborn photographer has acquired a specialized skill set over the course of working with newborns, such as taking safety precautions, assessing the lighting and making
    any necessary adjustments and choosing the least disruptive equipment.
  4. Tender demeanor : Working with newborns requires an excellent bedside manner that is
    caring and gentle, as well as respectful of the parents’ wishes. Sessions typically last  3
    hours, so a newborn photographer must also be extremely patient and attentive to catch the
    very best moments of your newborn’s slumber and wakefulness.
  5. Style: Its very important to choose a newborn photographer style you love. Each photographer
    has their own aesthetics with colors, lighting, posing, and props.

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There is a limited amount of time during which these precious newborn images can be captured, so choosing the wrong photographer can result in losing the opportunity to have your newborn baby professionally photographed. New York newborn photographer, Staci Brennan, holds the
experience, background, client references, expert skills and natural approach needed to provide you with a memorable experience and photographic keepsakes that celebrate your baby’s newborn days.

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