When is the Best Time to Do Newborn Photography?

For professional photographer Staci Brennan, newborn photography offers some of the most exquisite moments in life that can be captured. Expecting parents who hear about newborn photography or see the precious images of other babies often wonder when is the best time to do newborn photography. If you are an expecting parent, setting a date during your baby’s first several days in the outside world is the ideal time to schedule a session with a newborn photographer in NYC.  

While a photography session can certainly be planned at any time in your baby’s first months, the perfect images that catch that newborn look are typically taken 6-10 days after birth, with a maximum recommendation of no farther out than the first few weeks. In order to achieve the results you are seeking from the session, it is suggested that you wait the recommended week or so to give yourself and your baby enough time to rest. Additionally, to make the experience as pleasant as possible, Staci Brennan will hold the session in the privacy of your home. However, the key to a successful in-home newborn photography session is to plan ahead as best as possible.

Staci Brennan Photography newborn sessions tend to book out 4-6 weeks in advance. Therefore, we recommend calling as soon as you decide you would like to reserve a session, so we can work towards adding your due date to our calendar. Once your baby has arrived and you call our office with the great news, we will choose a day on which a start time of 10 a.m. and 3-4 hour block of photography time is practical for your family. At Staci Brennan Photography, we understand that your due date is more of a guess and less of a surety, which is why we remain flexible in accommodating changes in planning due to an early or late delivery.

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You will cherish images of your days-old newborn for life, so invest in the timeless beauty that Staci Brennan Photography can bring to the photographs of your little princess or prince on the way. If you have questions about Staci’s approach or when you can schedule your newborn photography session in NYC, please contact Staci Brennan Photography today by calling (917) 522-0407.