Newborn photography in NYC

If your looking for a newborn photographer in NYC then your in the right place! Whether your new little one is still on the way or they arrived a short while ago.  It is never too late to capture life’s precious moments in a timeless photograph. Staci Brennan specializes in taking organic and classic images of maternity, newborns, babies, and families.  

Photographs have a special place in our hearts because they connect us to the past and help us remember our journeys to the present. Capturing your baby’s first years or your growing family on film will make for wonderful strolls down memory lane in the years to come. Time will fly by and everyone will grow up, but the images you make memories last forever. Staci Brennan Photography can help capture the moments you’ll want to hold onto and cherish forever.

Newborn Photography

Parents, relax. You and your newborn are in good hands. Newborns are hard work and we know new parents are exhausted. We also know that the last thing you need to worry about is making sure you have everything you could possibly need for your little in home photo session. This is one of the reasons we come to a location that is convenient for you to take photographs of your newborn. We want the time to be enjoyable and stress-free for everyone involved even if that means taking many breaks for diaper changes and feedings. Out of everything that might happen during a newborn photo shoot, one thing is for sure; everyone, including baby, will be comfortable and well taken care of.


Thank you for viewing my newborn  gallery!

You’ll find a combination of baby portrait and lifestyle images in my photo gallery which gives you an idea of the variety of images I’ll take during your session. My style is very neutral and soft with a monochromatic palette. I provide hats, headbands, wraps, textures and other props for newborns. Before your session, we’ll discuss what you like.

My newborn photography sessions are held in the convenience of your home. I’m usually a natural light photographer. But I can also bring light equipment for my New York City newborn photography clients who don’t have good natural light. Please let me know when booking.


Information About Newborn Photograpy session

In order for her to capture these tender moments and do the intricate poses she is known for, a few things are important to be kept in mind.  Make sure the location is a nice warm room. Your baby will be naked, so a comfortable temperature will help them relax. Also important is to feed your newborn 30 min before the session, keeping in mind they will want to eat more at this time as well.  The sessions are about 3 hours long and patience is key in order to get the best photographs.  During this time there will be a lot of cuddling, soothing and feeding in order to slowly get into her famous poses.

Staci knows how quickly babies change and grow and how important this special time is…

It’s best to book your session while pregnant so you can make sure to capture this tender moment and plan for it when baby is 7 to 14 days old.  It’s amazing how quickly your baby grows!