Staci Brennan is an experienced professional photographer that specializes in newborn,  baby,  maternity and family photography sessions.Premier newborn photographer in New York City Staci’s love of photography thrust her quickly into the field of professional photography.  Not only did she train alongside some other well-known top photographers. She also worked behind the scenes for others while learning new and creative techniques. Her photography has  developed into gorgeous and classic photographic art. She has over 12 years of experience in newborn, baby, and maternity  photography, as well as family portrait photography.  She found her greatest love and interest in newborn photography.  Surrounding these special occasions she knows that in order to give her clients the best possible window of opportunity for the best photo shoot possible.  Its best book a photo shoot with Staci 3 to 4 before your due date to ensure she reserves that time for you.

Staci Brennan Newborn Baby & Maternity Photographer

Timing for your newborn photography is important, so due dates are taken into consideration when photo session appointments are made with Staci. The importance of timing is also the reason why she reserves such a large portion of her time for photographing only newborns and babies. Contact Staci and share your due date so she can assure that your baby photography session is scheduled for that birth to two-week interval that is best for newborn pictures.

Staci will help you to prepare for your session, so you know what to expect when she arrives.

Staci’s unique approach is professional and caring. Her clients refer to it as Newborn whisperer. She is familiar with posing safety of newborns. Staci has a unique style in which she is able to pose the infants in a manner that is both comfortable for the baby. To ensure  capturing that very special heirloom shot that only your baby could create, with a little help from Staci of course! I hope you consider Staci Brennan Photography for all those cherished moments that you want to hold onto for a life time and book a photo shoot today or Contact Staci Brennan Photography about your photography needs for special family events.


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